Tuesday, 14 February 2012

This years photoshoot

Over the last couple of days I have been in London working on the photoshoot for this years collection. Who's idea was it to do an outdoor shoot in mid-winter? it was soooo cold. I'm not at my best in winter but a good time was had by all and I have high hopes that this years photography will be extra special. As mentioned in The French Connection I have a new photographer this year...Enzo Mercedes and a new team comprising of: Kasia - model, Susana - Stylist and Cuneyt - make up. The shoot took place over two days on location in London. Day one was studio based so I could have some standard product shots (although they turned out to be anything but...) and day two was in the great outdoors and allowed Enzo to be creative...Hopefully the photos below will give you and idea of what happens on a fashion shoot. Infact we were so blessed with the weather, that although cold, we had snow on the ground, beautiful sun shining and bright blue sky........totally perfect for our autumn/winter photos.........

The website will be updated after Atelier in New York but in the meantime there is a taster on my website: http://www.nickythomson.co.uk/

Getting the light just right, Matteaw came to assist with the special photographers equipment.
Enzo and me discuss technicalities whilst I dress him in one of my scarves to keep warm!

Susana and Kasia
Susana the great stylist and Kasia the great model.

Enzo in a tree
Enzo goes for the high angle - spot him up in the tree - these pics turned out to be stunning.

Musical interlude
A musical interlude! not only a great photographer but a musician too serenading us with blues harmonica.
Not only that, yesterday while shooting the studio based pics he also cooked us a
fantastic traditional Italian mushroom risotto - sooooo talented this guy!!

Kasia and Enzo
Now the low angle...these pictures also turned out stunning........

Cuneyt Kasia and Enzo
Cuneyt make up, Kasia model and Enzo photographer making a happy team.

Big Bang Theory 2
A good time was had by all - in Enzos words we were nearly flying at the end.

All the great new images will be on line shortly when our website update is finished,
until then a sneak preview is available at http://www.nickythomson.co.uk/

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